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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lots of girls play boys sports these days. so here are some things to help you not be nervous of being the only girl in a sport.

When you go to recess with everybody in your grade some people might want to play soccer. You might want to play but you see there are no girls on the wall, who cares? If you like that sport, line up on the wall and you will get picked.
Since your playing with all boys, people on your team will just ignore you, but if you play a couple of days they will see your good at the sport and they will start paying attention to you.
Most boys can play sports really good, so if you play with then you might learn from them.
If you feel lousy, kick the boys butts in the game, it will make you feel better fast.

Never ever back down. If someone says you cant play just because your a girl, don't give in. Tell them that you can beat them, and challenge them.

Boys can be a little rough on girls in a all boys sport. Be careful.Things you'll need : Confidence, Good skills, Lots of fun


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