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Thursday, May 14, 2009

When the heat is on, there are not many things more miserable than sitting in a hot car waiting forr the traffic to start moving. I know how that feel! having your first car was exciting, sometimes we do not care either new or second hands carsinces the car run better. Well, my first car was not new, everything run well at first. One day, my car AC quiet on me and it was summer. I did not have the chance to get my car AC fix right away. Driving without AC on my car was so miserable. Where I used to live, weather get so very warm during summer. I had to roll my car window down to get some air, but of course rolling my car window down did not help because of the warm air coming from outside, felt like I was suffocating without cool air.

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  1. amiable amy said...
    kumusta na pala SS mo? make your RR lower mas marami opps

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