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Thursday, May 14, 2009

I know what you are thinking when I said "comfort". Not that kind of comforting I was talking about. Anyhow... have you ever been feeling so down? Feels like the whole world is turning back on you? That is how I am feeling while writing this post. I am not seeking for any attention or anything, I am just trying to get some pain inside me. Since I don't have anyone to talk to, everyone is so busy with their own world, have their own issues in life. So, I might as well use my blog to blow out my sadness inside.As I said on my post before I don't have any friend here in Seattle that I can really talk to when I am feeling down or got something bothering me. I have lost my friend ever since I moved over here . That is why, I wish I can turn the day around and change all the mistake I have made in my life. Being no one to talk to, I usually take my attention to my MP3 listening.

I know this is not healthy, they said... talking about what you feel is good for you. But what else I can do, but face the fact.. that I made so many damn mistake. I wish I can just.... just I wish. Life is too complicated. Again... I am not seeking any pity, just talking my heart out. Damn Life!! If you knew me inside out you will know what I am feeling.


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