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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Okay, we just got back from my son's 2:00PM Doctor's appointment. As I have mentioned earlier that he'd missed school because of being trowing up and sick into his stomach. His Doctor say that his lymph nodes are red and might have a viral sore troat. And he might have a norovirus which is in the stomach. That's why my son's stomach is always upset and he was always trowing up.

So, the doctor order him to stay home and keep the fluid and soft meal down and the virus will go away in several days. Viruses like I'd mentioned above usually can be treated it self and heal by it self, unless it is really bad. Of course my son does not like the idea of being home and not be able to go outside and play. He told me that his holiday break from school is ruin. Sometimes no matter what explain you have to do, sometimes they do not understand. But in a long run they'll get over it.


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