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Sunday, September 27, 2009


o tell you the truth, I love and enjoying Charter Communication service. I loved my high speed Internet, telephone and cable service. With my charter high speed Internet, I can surf the web in an instant, in other word it is super fast. I love their service and they make sure their costumers are satisfied in anyway. Last year charter gave away HDTV, Xbox 360s, Hybrid Car.

Do you want a better ,super fast High Speed Internet, a better TV cable and telephone service? If so, then you have to get charter's great service. Charter were giving away a laptop every day for two months, but now they are giving away a new 2010 426 hp Camaro 2SS, and take note sales tax included in the prize. Camaro Sweepstakes contest is running from September 15 through November 26 at noon. When you buy three Charter services, you can get a $100 gift card, $50 gift card for two services, and $25 gift card.

If you want to win this amazing price that the Charter is giving away, which is 426 hp Camaro, please visit charter.com/camaro and register today and do not forget to view the complete rules, specifications on the Camaro. Visit now and register, make sure to visit Charter on Facebook and follow Charter on Twitter.



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