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Monday, September 28, 2009

Many women in the world today are suffering in silence. They are living secret lives of abuse, dysfunction, poverty, sickness and depression. They are being beaten everyday by a partner or a family member. They secretly live with HIV in fear of being not accepted because of the stigma that goes along with it. They are dysfunction, unable to raise their children correctly because they have not been taught. Depression is their secret killer, it numbs them from the inside out.

1. Ask yourself: "Am I ready to be free?"
2. Purchase 5 notebooks or journals.
3. Write everything negative that you think or feel about yourself (no matter who said or done it).
4. Ask yourself:"Why do I feel or think that way?"
5. For every negative thing you write, find a positive to replace it.
6. If you cannot find a positive and you believe in God, find a scripture from the Bible.
7. Be honest while writing.You must be totally honest with yourself.
8. Find a positive scripture or song and read it or listen to it every day.
9. Feed your mind, body and soul with something positive every day for an hour.
10. Make up your mind to cut out or stop listening to all negative things (including family and friends).
11. Make a promise to yourself that you will fight for your life.

Know that it is OK to fall, for one day you will stand. A righteous man falls seven times. When you feel self-pity coming on or negative thoughts, tell yourself the devil is a liar(he is the one that seeks to destroy you) and that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. Speak positive words over your life until you begin to believe it. Please do not just think positive but speak it out loud, allow the words to feed your mind, body and soul.


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