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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Introducing the new Charter High-Speed Internet Ultra 60, it's the Charter's fastest Internet speed in the St. Louis market and one of the fastest in the U.S. High-Speed Internet Ultra60 is the fastest Internet ever and it is only available from charter. High-Speed Internet Ultra60 is such a powerful Internet connection that you would not believe what it can do with your PC.

With the High speed Internet Ultra 60, there is a lot of things you can do. You will experience the coolest way to watch movies online, HD trailers, and shows, news, videos, sports and much more. With the speeds up to 60 Mbps, you will be able to download tons of music, photo album with a high quality videos from anywhere on the web. Experience the speed when you play game online without any hassle. Charter High-Speed Internet Ultra 60 is ultra safe from any treats and viruses and ultra best virus detection, it also gives you the powerful PC protection at no extra cost.

With Charter High-Speed Internet Ultra60 Mbps, the Internet is completely different experience, you will be able to multitask in anyway like nobody else can. Do you want to experience the Charter High Speed Internet Ultra 60? Go to Ultra60 Information Page and get the super fast Internet service only from charter. Charter's Ultra 60 Mbps service is the first of the Phatband speeds that Charter will be rolling out ,Charter's PhatBand has turned DSL into the new dial-up Internet service. Keep up with charter at Charter's Twitter Feed.



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