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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

School's out and you decide to look different when you come back. This article is here to show you how you can look absolutely gorgeous when you come back from your summer vacation.

Admit that you need a change in your body. Women will always compare themselves to one another, especially if they have low self-esteem to begin with. There is nothing wrong with wanting to lose some weight, but becoming obsessed with it is not helpful. What you want to do is join a sport, or just work out. If you want to join a sport, go to a few camps. It's an easy way to get in shape and meet new people. If you want to work out at home, buy a couple work out DVDs/tapes and actually do them. You can even buy a dumbbell set and a strength train if that sounds like a better idea. Cardio is generally the best type of work out to burn fat. Whether you do it at a gym or at home, do 30-45 minutes of cardio a day twice a week and strength train twice a week. Always remember to give yourself one day in between work-outs so that your muscles can rebuild themselves. Go to sleep! Your body needs time to relax and recharge after a harsh day, so you need at least 7 hours of sleep. Aim for 10 hours if you can, but 8 or 9 hours is fine. Do not use tanning beds or lay out in the sun without sunblock, because you will be asking for skin cancer and premature skin aging. Instead, you can use a self-tanner, which is a tan you apply. It lasts for about a week long though, so you might just want to use a gradual tanning lotion. Go to a dermatologist if good skin does not come naturally to you. To keep up what the dermatologist does for you wash your face with a cleanser such as Cetaphil every morning and night. After this, you may want to tone your skin, moisturize, or use an acne treatment. Do not get fake nails because it will wreck your natural nails. Keep your natural nails trimmed and filed, and always keep your cuticles pushed back. Moisturize your hands frequently. If you have ridges, buy a nail buffer and keep them buffed. You may choose to polish your nails, do something that you like, and if you want fake nails, go for it.

Let your hair grow out during the summer. After school gets out, get your hair trimmed and leave it that way. During the summer, experiment with different shampoos till you find the perfect one. Go to your local salon and ask what shampoo they would recommend for your hair. If you really want to change, commit to it. Ask the hair stylist which hair cut would be best for your face (or what would be recommended). If you want to color your hair, do that about a week before school starts. Spend some time working on your wardrobe. You want to get the basics, like a nice pair of dark wash jeans and a nice white t-shirt. Depending on your age, you might want to splurge on investment items, like a nice suit or a little black dress (think Audrey Hepburn a la Breakfast at Tiffany's) and some nice pearls. If you're a teen, just find jeans and a shirt and shop around for what you like. Stay true to what you like but try to be more daring! Look around for things that looks great on you - as a teenager, you can experiment. Get your eyebrows done professionally if they are difficult to manage, then pluck the stray ones yourself. If you don't want to spend a lot of money, just find your brow bone and follow that. You can find YouTube videos on how to pluck your eyebrows.

Do your make-up according to your skin type. If you have dry skin, you will want to stay away from mineralized makeup because it will dry you out. If you have "Normal" skin (a few breakouts break out usually once a month. Or maybe not), you can use basically any drugstore brand and not have it harm your gorgeous amazing skin. Oily skinned people will want to find foundations and powders that are oil free. Splurge on foundation, concealer, and powder because when you have amazing looking skin. It'll make the rest of your makeup look flawless. Everything else - just head to the drugstore unless you have a sensitivity to any product. Brush your teeth twice or three times daily. The night before school: Plan out what you will wear. Pull your hair up, and take a warm bath just washing your body and shaving your legs. Then go to sleep and sleep for about 10 hours. Relax on your first day of school. You have all year to make a good impression.

* Put Vaseline on your eyelashes every night. It can replace mascara.
* Be confident!
* Stand up straight. Posture is a must.
* Wear lip balm like a god. Put it on morning and night, and whenever else necessary. It's recommended to use lip Med ex. It is made by Blistex.
* For under eye bags, cucumbers actually do work. Also, keep some spoons in freezer, and put them under your bags for a bit - that will help reduce.
* Smell good! Get some perfume. Orange pop by Calgone and American Eagle No.77 are both good choices.
* For makeup, go to your local department store and ask the lady at the makeup counter to do your makeup for free so you can figure out what looks best on you.
* Keep your SKIN clean. Wash it every day and night and put on moisturizer.
* Smile!

Be careful in the sun. Wear hats and sunglasses all the time, along with a strong sunblock.Eat healthy foods. Bad foods do not help anything with losing weight. Workouts can leave you really, really, sore if you do it too fast, too wrong, or just too hard! Work your way up - two pounds is the maximum recommended weight to lose in a week. Beware of anything you are allergic to. Don't buy expensive/inexpensive make-up until you check the ingredients to make sure that you are not allergic to any of them. Do not wash your face too often, it will dry out your skin.


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