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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

ocial factors effect the business environment. So a businessperson should be responsible.
Social Responsibility

Manufacture and distribute quality goods, and deliver a high quality service. The businessperson should provide better quality goods and service's at a reasonable price .The commodity should be charged according to quality of it .A business should sell goods and services regularly. Trade A business should not use methods like hoarding, black marketing, misleading advertisements, etc. as they are unfair trade practices. The business unit should not indulge in unfair trade practices. This might gets the business a bad name and also make the businessperson liable for imprisonment and bail. Therefore, the objective of business is to should be to adapt fair trade practice's for the welfare's and goodwill of consumers. Help in the welfare of society. The business should work for the benefit of society. Through running educational programs for the vocational programs for their employees so they can earn after retirement, providing opportunities to the physically challenged, for example: jobs for the hearing impaired in high noise field's like production units, etc. Do not cheat customers, governments, or employees. If the business is not socially responsible it will gain a bad name and it will be impossible for a such a business to survive in a competitive market.

* Try to help the environment as much as possible.
* Try to help in small-scale if you own a small business.
* Be fair to everyone including yourself.

Do not go overboard.


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