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Saturday, February 7, 2009

The early morning is a very special time of day. Even night owls get a delighted surprise at just how special this time of day can be, with its total stillness, the sounds of awakening birds.

Use this time to do something special before others wake up. If you enjoy writing, reading, or simply thinking, this quiet and uninterrupted time is a really ideal time of the day. Few others will awaken early enough to disturb you.
Watch the news. Watching the news in the early morning gives you a jump start on your day. You already get a handle on the issues that are happening in your part of the world before others even get to know about it. You can already be in the great position of having analized what the news means for your work, day, project, etc. and be moving into the next phase!
Exercise. The morning is the best time to exercise because your calories burn better. It is also a great way to get your body moving in the morning, when you are really refreshed. No more excuses about evening tiredness.
Have a cup of your favorite beverage. This is a great opportunity to kick back, relax and enjoy that brew thoroughly rather than bolting down something scorching as you tear out the door in a hurry.
Watch the activity of the world waking up around you. Position yourself somewhere comfortable to watch the street and tree activity. You'll see birds and mammals waking up, others coming back to bed. You'll see people getting up and beginning their daily routines, opening storefronts, getting kids out the door, hanging out washing etc. It is wonderful if your need some oiling of the creative juices for writing or thinking!
Watch the sun rise. The colors are simply incredible on a clear and fine morning. If it's gray and rainy, just count your blessings at how wonderful nature is for keeping the cycle of life going this way. And choose a bright outfit to counteract the gray for that day.

Billy Bob Thornton is probably your idol if you can't come to grips with the early morning. He isn't fond of the birds singing first thing at the day![1] To avoid this reaction and to really appreciate the early morning, get a good night's sleep. That cannot be stressed too much. Otherwise, you'll just feel groggy and grumpy.


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