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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Is shopping after thanksgiving really worth it. I remember, as we coming back home from my sister-in-law for Thanksgiving dinner, we passed by Circuit City, I cannot believe that there were people camping out just to be people in line for the black friday. Is it really worth it doing all that? You know that economy is worse. As I heard every shopping store cut their prices very low just to get some sale. And I know that the prices of stuff are still going to be the same , because Christmas.

Yes, it's great. You got the electronic, clothes, toys you ever wanted for a long time.But you know what, they will restock that item again and i bet yah that the prices will get even more lower. So, if you ask me, shopping early after thanksgiving isn't that worth it. It gets so violent inside the store, I know that for sure, it happened here in Seattle and I bet it happened anywhere. Well! that's just my opinion anyway.


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