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Friday, November 28, 2008

There are so many men and women in uniform who dedicate their lives to serve our country. It takes braveness and courage to participate in this kind of job. Some of them have passed, are injured and still serving out there , so bravely protecting our country. I can't imagine what they going through, every year when Holiday comes. So many of our heroes aren't able to spend time with their family during Christmas. But some of them are lucky enough to get the chance.

I thank God for every man and women who have given their life and have sacrifice to fulfill their duty for our country. Let's make a difference this Christmas by participating Sears Heroes at Home Wish Registry . You can make someone else lives happy. Help accomplish Holiday wishes for 30,583 military family out there. Our heroes have given their life to protect our country. If they can make a difference , so can you. Let's support our military and their family. Contribute to Sears Heroes at Home wishes Registry. Let's join the others , let's give thanks to the man and women in uniform and fulfill our heroes wishes and their family come true by donating. Visit the link above and see how you can help.



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