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Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving was suppose to be something you celebrate with families and friend and be thankful to God he had given you .My thanksgiving was same old thing happened last year. You seee, we usually go to my sister-in-laws house. She got 5 kids , all grown up. Four of them acting like they are all that. Talked "shit" about someone else. Evenhough it's none of their business. My husband sister and her family think's they are the best person in their planet earth. They think they are all perfect. One of my husband's nephew is married to one filipina and she was acting like a butt last night. She and I never got close, we say hi to each other ,that's about it. Anyway, to make the story short. Thanksgiving yesterday suck! Same old, shit. Bragging and everything. That's all you can hear in their mouth.

My husband and I decided last night, that was our last thanksgiving dinner that we gonna have at his sister house. We are going to have our own thanksgiving in our own house with our family & friend . We'll see kung saan a-attend yong mga pop and mom in-laws ko.

How was your thanksgiving. I hope it was better done mine.


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