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Monday, November 17, 2008

This contest is made for students, professional, who have the creativity of developing XML and DB2 .IDUG contest has five different tracks that the contestant can choose from. You can either choose to do one of the five tracks, or you can do all five of them.

Here the five contest you can choose from.

Is the Video contest: which is you need to create using XML,XQuery or DB2 and record yourself doing it.
Is the Gadget Contest: which is the contestant have to develop a downloadable gadget or widget using DB2.
Is the XQuery Contest: Answer a series of questions by developing queries in XQuery. All correct answers (answer and query structure) entered to win larger prizes.
Is the Port an Application:Port an existing application to use XML, XQuery or DB2. You may enter as individual or assemble a team.
Is the XML Contest: Develop a brand new application using XML and/or XQuery. You may enter as individual or assemble a team.

This Challenge is designed to recognize developers who will shape the XML landscape of the future. This could be your future, and you can gain some well-deserved recognition for your XML skills. Visit the link and get in the game.



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