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Saturday, September 27, 2008

A lot of girls have good fashion sense and put a lot of effort into picking out their clothes, but they still end up dressing in a way that's unattractive. That's because they pick out clothes that they think will look good on them, instead of picking out clothes that will actually suit them. In this article you will learn the true secret of dressing well: buying clothes that make you pretty, instead of just buying pretty clothes.

When you're shopping, make sure you buy clothes that'll flatter your body type. If you're a tall girl, do you really want to buy those heels or those capri pants? If you're chubby, do you want a skintight halter top? Just because something looks nice doesn't mean it will look nice on YOU.
Pay attention to colors. Even if an piece of clothing makes your body look good, if it's a color that doesn't suit you, it might make you look pale or sort of greenish.
Don't buy a piece of clothing just because it has a nice pattern on it, or has a funny slogan. That tee-shirt might be really funny...but it can also make you look 10lbs heavier.
If you see an outfit in a magazine like Vogue, you might be tempted to reproduce that exact same outfit. But some things (like hoop skirts or weird ripped leggings) just aren't practical for everyday wear, and might make you look weird. So buy something that sort of mimics that outfit, without actually totally trying to dress like a model, which most people can't pull off. For example, if that hypothetical hoop skirt had a lace trim that you really liked, you could get a lacey blouse.
Realize that just because something's name-brand, it doesn't make it cute. An ugly shirt from Abercrombie is still an ugly shirt.
Don't buy something just because it's trendy. If you're a short girl, why get Ugg boots when you can get heels, which'll make you look taller and better?
* Understand that some things that are very trendy now but just don't look that good when you wear them. Remember how people in the 70's wore those horrible flare pants and tie-dye shirts? They thought those looked cool, at the time, but now we know better. In 20 years people will look back and wonder how anyone went around looking pregnant in a baybdoll top or could walk around with their butt bulging out of skinny jeans without feeling embarassed.
There's nothing wrong with showing some skin, but make sure that the area you're showing off is one that looks good. A lot of girls think that it's sexy to show off their chest, no matter how large or small it is...but a very thin girl, for example, wouldn't do well to be showing everyone her rib cage. Instead of wearing something low-cut, a girl like that could wear a halter top, to show off her flat tummy. Likewise, a chubby girl should show off her chest, and cover up the stomach region.

Be confident, and know that this is all about dressing to emphasize your unique beauty, not cover up your flaws.
Get a good friend to go shopping with you, so she can tell you if something looks good on you or not.

Even though this article criticizes trends, there's nothing wrong with looking modern. You don't have to dress like you're from the 1800s or anything!
Don't get too paranoid about your flaws.


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