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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Every girl has trouble deciding what her style should be. Preppy, punk, grungy, girly...which one? If you have trouble deciding, you have come to the right place. Read on for steps, tips and warnings!

Look at yourself in the mirror. Are you thin, curvy or normal? If you are curvy, casual-clothing is suggested. If you consider yourself thin, then jock and preppy clothing is good for you. And if your normal, girly is perfect!
Think back about your hairstyles. Do you usually tie them in a ponytail? Make a braid? Leave your hair open? If you tie your hair then it is usually for a jock style. A braid could be preppy type and let open is obviously girly.
Decide which you like best. So your thin and fit to be preppy or a jock. What if you don't want to? No one is forcing you to. A girly style or maybe a punk would be ok with you.
After you have decided, go shopping! For example you chose girly: Buy skirts, tops, high-heels, boots and hair accessories. Wear pink clothing. Be girly!
When you have chosen and not sure what to buy for your style, there's always the internet! Search for 'preppy' as images on google or yahoo and then see all the girls and guys wearing preppy outfits. Get clothes similar to that.
Show off your new style!

If your style is not mentioned above, eg. animal lover. I suggest wearing plain tops with jeans. Or the tops could have animals printed on it or a slogan. Capri's would look good and you can add hair accessories.
Add a handbag to preppy or girly.
If you can't choose between two styles, eg. preppy and girly then take out all of your clothes. Try on the preppy clothings and see if you look good in them. Try on your girly outfits and see if you look even better than before. Choose!

If you still can't decide, don't even think about opening your wardrobe and taking out everything to mess it up.
It is your choice, but doing punk, or grungy are a bit odd fashion styles and your parents might not like it. Choose a nice, cute style like girly. Or maybe preppy.


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