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Monday, September 29, 2008

This is an article to help you learn how to do simple hatha yoga to reduce stress or tension. If you're studying for a big test, waiting for an interview, feeling uptight in the office, worrying about an audition, or you just need to relax, try this simple procedure which can be done anywhere there is a little bit of space free.

Breathe in deeply. Hold for 5 counts. Let it out. Repeat.
Breathe in a third of your lung capacity, so your tummy blows up like a balloon.
Let it out.
Breathe in two-thirds of your lung capacity, so your ribs open up and your tummy blows up. Let it out.
Breathe in your entire lung capacity, so your tummy blows up, your ribcage expands, and your shoulders come up almost to you ears. Exhale.
Continue this process.

Yoga is mainly about breathing and relaxing. Well, hatha yoga, anyway.
If you are still uncontrollable, ask if you can go to the bathroom. Then do the breathing there.
Don't worry!


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