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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Most people shy away from bold color choices in their outfits. That is mostly because they are scared they will look like a clown instead of a chic woman.

First pick the main pattern. Whether it be a bright floral blouse or a stunning oversized bag it just has to POP.
Take a look at the colors in the pattern. Build the rest of your outfit around those colors.
Next comes the harder part. Look around for a more subtle pattern that shares some of the same colors in your main pattern. For example if your main pattern is a floral blouse containing shades of green, peach, and blue; a simple peach and blue stripe bag might look good. Be careful though, if the subtle pattern is too overpowering the outfit will won't put together.
The last step is to add color bursts here and there with jewelry, footwear, and a cute manicure!

Here are a couple clothing ideas...
a solid sweater, bold stripe skirt, swede polka dot heels, solid color leather clutch, and diamond stud earings.
Dark denim jeans, pin stripe blouse, solid color ballet flats with simple embelishments, and animal print bag
corderoy jeans, solid turtleneck, sweater, dramatic pattern heels, and tiny change purse.

If you are tall don't wear dainty pattens and teensy weensy jewelry; you will look disproportioned (and vice versa for a smaller woman)
Choose patterns that aren't childish and look chic.


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