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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hey ! You... yes I am talking to you. Look like you need a break from what you are working on. Why won't you go get you a cup Herbal tea and relax a bit. OK while you are relaxing it would not hurt to take this short quiz. Just answer yes or no and your good to go.

1. Do you think of working all the time, even weekends and vacations and right before falling asleep?

2. Do you really get angry when somebody interrupt you with simple a simple question or request, such as your kid wanting to play catch?
3.When you are not working, are you bored and restless and do you pace nervously around the house?
4.Do you fail to have a good laugh at least three times a week?
5. Do you have a conversation of more than three sentences about something other than work at least three times a week?
6. Are your pants or dresses more than one size bigger this year than a year ago?
7.Do you answer after work phone calls even if it's your mom calling?
8. Is your staple breakfast a chocolate chip cookie and double latte?

Okay, If your answer is:

5-8 " YES" Not good. It's time for a vacation, a meditation course and some serious soul-searching about getting a life.

3-4 Your are pretty well balanced.

1-2 Slacker- get serious or get broke.

I hope you you guys enjoy this pop quiz for work at home people. Have fun working.


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