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Monday, August 18, 2008

As you see , i haven't post anything on this blog. I tried posting on my other blog, I think I post several stuff on my other two blogs for a little bit yesterday. But after that i felt like I was getting sick, you know headache and stomach, felt like trowing up and I did. I didn't have any choice but to step away from the computer for the rest of the day. I realized I forgot to wear my eyeglasses which I should anyway every time I face the PC. So there is no one to blame but my self. Anyway , I am back and running again. I check my SS account today and I don't have any task that need to be done there. But at PPP I have 2 task waiting for me so. I have to go for now and take care of the task at PPP. I will catch up with everyone that visit my blog later on , and thanks for stopping by guys , I appreciate the traffic.


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