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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Have you ever noticed that every time you go out with friends to a club or just maybe somewhere and hang out; and sometime you can't help flirting with someone or vise versa ?Well, that type of things happen all the time , its common factor whether you are in a club or just any place. There is always have one person who flirt or get flirted. I had that experienced as well , that someone flirted with me. The worst pick up line that I ever heard to someone was ,Did they just take you out of the oven? Because you're hot!

Have you head the word Victory Hair ? If you do! Do you know what is it mean? If not, here is what I know what it mean. Victory Hair is when you flirt with someone or trying to catch someone with their nice & cute look and what they get from each other. And when that certain hormone kick in just to get one thing and they end up somewhere and get their Victory Hair so messed up. You know what I meant!

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