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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Well, I took BillsIQ test to find out mt credit score, I have the result of 68% . It's not very high, yet it's above 50%. But yet it's not good, it's not a sign of stability . I have depend on a credit card so much for certain reason. I guess, to have a descent job and make money is not worth it this days because everything are gone so high price wise and the economy is hurting.

One thing to start over again, is to maintaining and get my credit back up to normal. It's time to take a step managing debts specially if you got kids like me that need to go to college one of this days and gave them comfortable life . It's also time to think about the retirement in the future. I/ We can't plan all this things if I am in debt. Sometimes it take so much to get everything back up in track. All we can do sometimes is just keep hanging on and do the right thing and keep paying our debts even though we are so behind.

But there are several things we can do to get the Debt relief we need by accomplishing things.Visit www.bills.com . Bills.com is a resource to assist and provide you some tools and guide that will lead us to become debt free. Bills.com can help you or me to cope up from Credit card debt ,Bankruptcy , Debt consolidation . If you are in debt like me , you might need to start thinking about getting Debt help to get out of it.

Although I am not retiring anytime soon . I still have a chance to get my debts in track. That is why I encourage you to visit bills.com and get the help you need. Everyone deserved to have one more chance to get back on their feet and do the right thing for your future.
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