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Friday, July 18, 2008

While we all like to think we look young, mother nature has other plans for our appearance. As we age, our skin changes. Laugh marks around our eyes, age spots on our skin, wrinkles around the mouth are all the obvious signs of ageing. With the help of some cosmetic products, we can conceal those telltale signs of advanced years and bring the focus back to the features that make you an individual.

  1. Prepare the skin by using a wipe that cleanses and tones. Follow with a good quality moisturiser that contains sunscreen.
  2. Apply a skin primer after the moisturiser has soaked in. This will help to retexturise the skin so that the foundation can spread smoothly and evenly and stay on longer.
  3. Dab a green concealer on your finger. Blend it onto the skin on your face where there are strong red blotches and veins (usually the the cheeks, chin or nose).
  4. Dab a foundation stick that matches your foundation onto the age spots with your fingers. Use a concealer (one that also matches your foundation) for darker age spots--it's thicker and will hide them more effectively. Blend it slowly and evenly into the skin until the age spot is not noticeable.
  5. Dampen a latex sponge slightly and remove any excess water by blotting dry with paper towels.
  6. Shake your bottle of foundation well before pouring a bit onto the back of your hand. Dab it with your finger onto the forehead, nose, chin and cheeks before smoothing it in with the dampened sponge in even, sweeping motions.
  7. Cover under eye bags and dark circles with a light reflecting concealer pen (not normal concealer, which looks heavy and emphasize any wrinkles). Dot some onto each bag and blend gently with your finger, being careful not to drag the skin.
  8. Give your skin a warm glow and youthful radiance by using a liquid highlighter with light reflecting particles to your cheek bones and the bridge of your nose. Blend using your fingertips.
  9. Apply cream blush (which is better for older skin, as powder blush can leave the skin looking dry and less youthful) by smiling and blending the blush with your fingertips onto the apples of your cheeks.
  10. Load a large powder brush with some light reflecting powder. Tap it with your finger to remove any excess powder.
  11. Use the brush to apply a light dusting over your whole face to "set" the foundation help grant a more even appearance. This step is optional--if your skin is especially dry, applying powder can make it look worse.
  12. Use a different large, round brush to apply bronzer on the nose, neck and cheekbones, which will enhance your face's shape.
  13. Look in the mirror and make sure everything is evenly blended and placed. Remove the makeup headband, put on your favorite outfit, and enjoy an evening out.

  • a green concealer
  • a good quality liquid foundation that matches your skin tone
  • a concealer or stick foundation that matches your skin tone
  • alcohol free cleansing & toning wipes
  • moisturiser
    • some skin primer
    • a latex make-up sponge
    • some liquid highlighter
    • a light reflecting concealer pen
    • some powder
    • bronzer
    • and a large round brush


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