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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Went down to body Of seattle events. We were gonna go earlier than 6 pm but too much drama was going on. Finally we left heading to body seattle, got there around 7: 25 PM. It was hard to find a parking space. Body Seattle event was so crowded. Way crowded. We listen to the jazz band, walk around , everywhere you go, you get bump that how crowded it was. There was a lot of interesting stuffs going on. water fountain is flowing so that people can cool off. I finally got hungry. We browse the food booth. All the seattle restaurant was there on thier own booth. You can iether do the tasting which cost you $ 3.00 per taste . I rather buy the actual meal which is not much difference between $ 3 to 6 . Anyway, we browse and browse . And my eye catch the philippine food booth. The line was very long at the Filipino food. That tell's me that alot of people loves philippine food, which make me very proud. Sad to say though that I didn't have the patient to wait for the long line for me to buy some filipino food.  I'll just go to thier actual restaurant.

There was a lot to see at the Seattle Body Event , we didnt have enough time. They close at 9 then they will be open tomorrow. This event usually happen every year. Its fun, tiring, but it's worth it.


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