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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A little bit after lunch, I got a call from my daughter's school that she had an accident, she actually cut her middle fingertip with a scissor while making something for Valentines day. The nurse said that she need to be taken to the Dr. because her cut was kind of deep and it was bleeding so hard. I rush down to the school clinic and helped the nurse wrapped and put pressure on my daughter's hand so that the bleeding will slowed down. I rush her to the clinic down town Cashmere WA. Luckily they are not very busy and they took my daughter right in. The staffs cleaned her hand right away. Seeing your kids in pain was not fun at all. I tried real hard to calm my nerve down for my daughter's sake but watching the blood and the cut and how painful my daughter was going through was so tough for me that I was about to faint. I told the nurse and the Dr. that I was about to faint. They quickly set me down and gave me oranges juice to drink. I told my daughter's, instead of me comforting her....she will be comforting me.

On the other hand, after we got home from the Dr. I got two message from my son, that he needed me to bring him changing clothes for he slipped on the mud while they were playing at school after lunch. I was not sure if how long the messages was sitting there, but when I got to school, I saw my son waiting for me and he was covered with mud. Apparently the back of the middle school was so muddy and him and his friend did not expected that the back play ground was very muddy. After I dropped off my son's changing clothes , waited for him to give me his muddy clothes and rush back home. Good thing the middle school is just 2 blocks away from my house.

I guess today was just not the happy day for us. Hope tomorrow will be different, All I can do is hope anyway, because we never know what tomorrow will bring us!

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  1. jellybelly said...
    I had it happen to be in elementary. I was making a flower arrangement in school. Trying to cut the bunch of flowers loose,the scissors slipped and went straight to me middle finger. It bled profusely. I hope you're daughter's okay now.

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