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Saturday, February 6, 2010

A lot of children grow up badly and immaturely because of their parent's maturity. This article tells you how to not get into bad habits and raise your children well.

Don't drink a lot. The more you drink, the more your child will think it's okay to. It is fine to drink once in a while, but not a lot and when you do drink, drink only 1 bottle of beer. Don't swear. Swearing will get you know where and your kids will think that it's okay to swear at others.Don't use sexual language. Using sexual language is okay when you tell your children about sex or the facts of life, but in general don't talk like that. Your children will develop a habit of talking like that.

Never hit anyone or use violence on anyone. Sometimes kids grow up seeing their parents beating people or themselves. Then as they get older they think it's okay to beat someone up. Never use violence on ANYONE. Yelling sometimes is fine, but not a lot. Discipline them. When your kids do something wrong, use a punishment that fits the crime. For example if they hit someone, a good punishment would be for them to have a small time-out and take away their favorite things. If you do unreasonable or violent punishments, such as getting beaten, they will learn to do the same.Don't smoke. If your kids see you smoke sometimes, it is possible that if you do so too much in front of them, they could possibly try to smoke. They could get hurt and very sick from doing this, so be careful.

It is a good and smart idea to explain to your kids the difference between wrong and right. Telling them not to do things will make it clearer to them then if you just didn't do or say anything at all.


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