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Monday, April 20, 2009

It's on 70's here today. The weather is really nice compare in the pass few days.I was out earlier playing with our puppy pepsi. And of course flowers are out, the air full pollen and that causes my eyes to swell earlier. I end up going inside the house for I cannot take the it anymore. My eyes was itchy and watery... that mean my allergy is kicking my butt. I know it's time of that year again. Allergy pill routine.

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  1. Clarissa said...
    You're not alone dear!me too have a pollen allergy and they're killin' me,too!I'm glad I'm taking medicine prescribed by my doctor kahit na panandalian lang.Minsan nakaka-antok yung binigay sa akin.(T_T)heto,palaging may dalang nasal spray at eye drop(X_X)

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