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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

So, you want to dress like an uber-fashionista. Layers, piles of colors, and tons of accessories! You can try that... but the balanced way!

Determine what colors you'll be wearing. If you are going to try three colors or whatever, stick to one basic color, like tan, black, white, or blue and wear it colors at least twice.
Determine the shape of your top, an add accessories with that. If you're wearing a tube-top, wear a long necklace. If your wearing a regular t-shirt,just a lot of bracelets piled up on one arm will do fine.
Give your self a signature item. For example, a necklace, a bracelet, a headband... An accessory.
Find a few pairs of shoes that work with everything. If you're a girl, some tennis shoes, ballet flats, and medium heels. For guys, sneakers, work shoes, and dress shoes. Preferably all black or a neutral dark brown color.

Add your own personal twist!
Find a signature accessory.
Keep shoes and other accessories a neutral to balance out one or two crazy colors that you change up each day.

Don't overdo it.
Change it up a bit at a time, so you don't freak everyone out.

Things You'll Need
A great personal style sense.
Good shoes
Good accessories
A signature item


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