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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Here is how to start a fashion website. Whether you want to sell clothing online, show off your designs, discuss the hottest runway trends, or give fashion advice, these are some important steps to design your own style domain on the web.

Gather photos of models or fashion items on mannequins and write content for your site. The more content and media the more traffic you will receive.Picture your desired audience quantity. This will help you determine the amount of work you spend with the site as well as your budget. Make sure you know what type of demographic you want to attract and design your site accordingly. If your viewers are primarily women in their 20's make sure you design your themes/colors/styles to catch your target group's interest and attention.Spend a great deal of time with your website. You need to do this if you want it to turn out as a hit rather than a flop, as well as be genuine. You cannot just stuff money into someone's pocket.Have the HTML for your website. Can you code html? Or use software like Dreamweaver? Are you capable of creating a site with appeal for your audience? If not, you might want to consider hiring a webmaster.

Find a graphic designer. You can always use Google to locate a graphic designer, but be careful; many graphic designers use the same or similar templates they used for other sites. You want to be unique not trendy and cliche. Having a good artistic designer is essential for a fashion website as the two infuse each other.Figure out how you are going to drive traffic to your website. Do you have promotions or events set up or a local audience set up? If so, this is a great grassroots place to start for getting attention to your website.Make sure your website is stylish and is, of course, fashionable. Here is an example web site that arranges its media and site navigation for aesthetic viewing: http://www.bb1classic.com.

Have friends critique your website and have your users give you feedback.Always make sure your website is updated regularly and is well maintained.Watch your traffic and make sure it stays on the increase! If you did something to increase traffic on your site, improve on that and keep doing similar things, you will find you can use your traffic to give you direction in which way you want your website to go.Submit your website to Google or Yahoo.Use other websites in support with your site. You can create blogs or Myspace accounts, or just link within whatever community you may choose for your personal fashion website.

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