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Monday, December 28, 2009

Is other than .....my daughter Avory! My daughter entered a coloring contest at Martin's Market which is a convenient store like Fred Myers. The drawing was posted and the judges had to picked which was the better coloring made. And my daughter won it! Yehey! She has been complaining to me about not winning anything everytime she entered the contest....and now she won. Her excitement was beyond explain. When I was talking to the lady on the phone who was letting me know that my daughter won the contest. Avory jumped up and down, running back and fort around the house. She was so excited.

Anyway she won $50.00 gift card from Toys R us. Tomorrow we are planning to shop online. Sharing some photos with you all. Of course my camera's date,year, month and time still all messed up. I will try to fix it tonight, so that it will not complicate the photos anymore.

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  1. hopeful said...
    Wow! Congrats to your daughter sis.It shows her potential. As a mom I'm sure you are so proud of her.

    Advance Happy New Year!

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