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Friday, November 13, 2009

Everyone feels empty sometimes, but if you feel a constant sense of being empty, verging on chronic despair, you might need to get some help!

1. Identify any Triggers. When and where does it come up? Is a particular situation or person triggering the feeling? Make a mental note of it whenever it comes up. From there, you can make changes to suit your needs.
2. Identify the Feeling. Try using some holistic or Eastern techniques to identify where the feeling settles. Where in your body do you feel the emptiness? Close your eyes and think of the worst time you have felt this. Where do you feel emptiness? Learn about the 7 chakras and learn about what the emptiness could be related to in regard to its location. Also, if you had to give the feeling a colour or shape, what would it be? What can you interpret from this shape? Does it give you any insight as to how to fix it?
3. Tell Someone. Sometimes just talking about your feelings can make them go away or decrease. Talk to someone who cares and understands you, or at least, whom you trust; it can make a big difference!
4. Go Outside. Going outside in nature can help most people feel better. Perhaps you just need a time out? Many people spend too much time with technology and not enough time outside.
5. Help Someone Else. Get out of your own head. Cycling on the same depressing thoughts can make you feel insignificant. But you can prove your own worth by simply getting up, and going to find someone else who needs your help, offering it, and seeing how that person was helped. Churches, mission groups, and community organizations often get together with a plan to help needy citizens in your town. Go to them, volunteer. You will be amazed by how much your help means to someone who has fewer advantages than you. Helping others helps twice: the person who receives the help is grateful and blessed by it, and the person who helps feels accomplished and blessed. It is a privilege to serve others, and if you can cultivate that feeling of gratitude in your own heart, there is little that will make your heart fill and overflow quite like that feeling.
6. Get Help. It's possible that you have depression if you constantly feel empty. Asking for help doesn't mean you're crazy. Everyone goes through highs and lows, and the sooner you get help, the sooner you can rise above it and become a better person, with more wisdom and energy! Counseling, medications, and natural therapies are all valid forms of intervention - seek help and try everything you can.

Fill your life with love and laughter. Gather your family around you, if you have a good and nurturing family environment. If not, avoid that dysfunctional place and instead seek friends who are supportive and positive. Get involved in something. Having no passions, no interests, and nothing occupying your time is depressing and can lead to an endless cycle of gnawing self-doubt, inadequacy, and melancholy. Even though some moody, gloomy celebrities seem romantic and cool, for most people, it's not romantic at all. It's depressing. Being enigmatic is hard work that brings little reward. Try football, badminton, or chess; try photography, painting, or boxing. Play some video games, especially those you can play with others. Occupy your time, start having positive experiences - it is these you will begin to recall, rather than all the lonely, melancholy moments of before.

Don't try to mask serious clinical depression with flurries of activity or endless visitors. Talk out your feelings with trusted family or friends, and if you don't feel better soon, seek professional help to discover whether you might be suffering from a medical condition that is easily treated. Many people who start taking anti-depressant medications feel that heavy cloud of despair lifting within days. It does not alter your personality - it restores it.

The width strains against the failing hate.


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