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Friday, November 6, 2009

Caring for combination skin needn't be a chore. Adopt a routine and follow it through.

1. A simple morning skincare routine should include a cleanser, toner and moisturizer. This is to be done first thing in the morning and doesn't require a great effort. If you have specific skin complaints e.g. blemishes you may add products to combat these as required. After this you may then put on your make up.
2. In the evening before bed it is important you remove your make up before following a skincare routine. This will provide your skincare products with a clean face with which to work.
3. Follow your skincare routine as before, again adding products as required.
4. Repeat daily.

Select your skincare products carefully. Many are designed specifically for combination skin and it is worth reading reviews and trying samples before committing yourself. Sales assistants working at beauty counters in department stores can advise you which products will work best for your skin type, they can also confirm your skin type if you are in doubt.Once you have adopted a skincare routine, stick to it. Many products need time and may not work straight away. If you react to anything discontinue use immediately and seek advise. Certain brands design make up with a specific skin type in mind so take care to select products for your type.

Do not take advice from sales assistants alone, try products and read reviews.
Always be sure to apply SPECIFIC care to your T-Zone(forehead, nose, chin) and Cheeks. That's where (1) Oil builds up and (2) It's probably the most dry


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