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Monday, August 10, 2009

The first time I'd sign up through richptc, I admit I was so excited. I'd put their banner on my blogs. Hoping that I will get some referral and earn from it. Yeah, a lot of friend blogger sign up under me. And my supposed to be earning was growing so quick. I did reached my minimum dollar for me to withdraw. As the RICHPTC say I have to wait 60 days to be paid. I withdrawn $1000.00 in June 2nd, 60 days had come and gone, still no payment. I am very disappointed to be honest, thinking about taking some legal step to make them stop advertising .

What I am trying to say is... I am deeply truly sorry to all the blogger friends who have sign up under me at RichPTC. As I did my own research, found out one complained to another. Some say, they got paid $15.00 instead of $1000.00. I was pissed and still am. But stressing myself would not do me any good (Puputi lang buhok ko). But I am seriously apologizing about all this guys. I hope you all will accept my apology.


  1. Betchay said...
    Hello te,
    Just read your comment about RICH PTC,naku tama talaga pala yong site na nabasa ko,hayyy buhay akala ko pa naman kikita tayo,ahehehe.

    Okay lang yon te ang mahalaga walang nawala sa atin hindi tayo nag invest ng kahit singkung duling.

    Tyaga nalang tayo sa pa kunti kunting click sa ibang monetizing site,kahit pa sintimo lang atleast nag babayad.

    Good thing I dont even give my real name to them kasi nga duda ako ahehehe.
    David Funk said...
    Jane, I did sign up as a referral from you, but there's no way your to blame for this. Of course you're forgiven, and thanks for letting us know about this.

    I WILL be removing their link after reading this.
    lmck_86 said...
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