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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I was about to bloghop through EC, when their server went dowm, here is the message that I keep on seeing:

Entrecard application server failed

Our hosting provider has managed to partition their network so that our application server and our database server can no longer talk to each other. I am trying to get hold of someone who understands the word "network" so that I can get this resolved.

Darn, hop it will be fix soon, I just want to dropped on my blogger friends entrecard. For the meantime, I just use to old way hop.

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  1. Betchay said...
    O my GOSH te,pareho talaga tayo ganyan din ang nangyari kahapon sa EC ko,peru nakaka drop pa rin ako,ewan ko nga ba bat nag ka ganun,siguro lahat tayo naka experienced ng ganun,sa network nga siguro nila yon.

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