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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Instead of going online and downloading desktops or just using the ones that come with your computer, here's a way to make your own unique one for any occasion or holiday, or just for your normal backround. It looks great, and is really easy to make. The only drawback is that sometimes desktop icons are hard to see, but if you use the right colors, it is easy to overcome that obstacle.

Open Paint (or any equivalent to Paint). Open the Internet, to a search engine with a good Image Search. Type in the Image search box what you're looking for, for instance, "Christmas" or "Summer" or "Pumpkins". Copy and paste the pictures onto Paint in a creative collage of colors, pictures, words, and drawings that symbolize the holiday, occasion, etc. that you are making the desktop backround for. This can include filling in green in the empty spaces between pictures for St. Patrick's Day, or typing in "Happy Hanukah" in the middle of your Hanukah collage.

Be creative! Don't forget to add in your favorite holiday movie, or the lyrics to your current favorite song. This is yours and yours alone! You can even copy and paste your own pictures from a picture file on your computer. Save the collage on your computer. Go to the File menu, and select "Set as backround" for either tile or center (this requires personal preference). If you would like your new backround to be in the "Stretch" position, right-click on your desktop where there are no icons and select "Properties". At the top of the window, click on the "Desktop" tab. Click the drop-down arrow under "Position" and select "Stretch.". Voila! Enjoy your brand-new, all-you desktop backround!

If you are not familiar with where your desktop icons are located on your desktop, it would be best to not fill the spaces in with color, or fill them in with very pale colors, and choose only pictures and font colors that are lighter colors, so it will be easy to find your shortcuts on your desktop. If you make many backrounds, it might be a good idea to create a special "Desktop Backround" file. That can be done by right-clicking on your desktop where there are no icons and putting the cursor over "New". Select "Folder" and name it "Desktop Backrounds" or something of that sort. Whenever you make a new collage for your backround, save it in that file.


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