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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Have you heard about the incredible BluFrog contest that is going on online at itsabluworld.com? If not, then here is your chance to enter the contest. But first, let me tell a little bit about this wonderful prizes. The it's a blu world is giving away five amazing prizes such as, 1.) Blu Gamer Ultimate package such as Xbox 360 Elite Gaming System with a Rock Band 2 bundle to boot. 2.)New Years Eve trip to New York. 3.)A trip to Lolapalloza in Chicago, attend the world’s most famous music festival in Grant Park, Chicago. 4.)Win a Richard Petty Driving Experience in Orlando, FL. 5.)Win a trip to the Winter X Games in Aspen.

You need to enter the contest to be able to win one of this five amazing prizes, you need to visit itsabuworld.com and leave your comment telling them which of the five prizes you would want to win and let them know the why you want to win the specific experience. You can also tweet and spread the words about the contest, let your friend knows about this amazing contest that is going on. Tell your friend the why you have entered the contest and which one of the five experience you would choose if you won. Make sure to enter this code #bluworld and http://bit.ly/UiiJy when you are tweeting. And last but not the least, blog about the amazing contest and blog about what prize you would pick if you won. Remember, make sure to leave a comment at itsabluworld.com with your post URL. It's that simple, you must hurry and enter the contest for you to have chance to win one of the five blu prizes before the month of July is over. Remember, each person can only enter 3 times no exception.

You probably wondering what blu frog is? BluFrog is an energy drink that has the special ingredients that can makes you keep going on such a hectic day, Blu frog has the organic fruits, hard-core, vitamins and herbs, and radical super food nutrients in the proprietary Limu blend that makes this energy drink so unique. Blu frog energy drink is not like some ordinary energy drink that promises to give you a strong boost but never really does. Blu frog energy drink has ingredients that are safe for your health , blu frog has the real fruit, low calories and carbs, nothing artificial and a load of vitamins in every can.

Purchase blu frog energy drink to boost your energy level. Visit blufrogenergy.com, order a cases of Blu Frog energy drink with no strings attached. You can also earn some money by spreading words about blu frog energy drink, the more you tell others, the more they buy Blu Frog. And because you GET PAID TO SHARE, you my friend gets credit for every can they buy! Earn some extra cash, enter and wins some amazing prizes at itsabluworld.com and blufrogenergy.com now. Do not let the great opportunity pass by because I did, not visit the link above for more information.



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