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Friday, June 5, 2009

Well, as I was opening my blogs and reading my message box and comment area on my posts. I came across one person who commented on my post about Rich PTC Withdraw. Here is what he said to me

Michael said...
Well your Rich PTC name of mjane73 does not show up on their list of proof of payments, so I think you are full of crap. You have not gotten paid, so do not lie about it!

First of all Michael! what ever your real name is. I strongly suggest for you to go back and read my post before you accused me this kind allegation. Secondable, I never said , "I HAVE ALREADY GOTTEN PAID! And third"! DO NOT call me a lair because as far I know I never lie anything about it. All I have said on my post was what happened and what I did! Got that?

If you are mad of the world, do not, do not include me, because I never ever done anything to you, I DON'T FUCKING KNOW YOU! I DON"T GIVE A SHIT WHAT YOU ARE! You are so rude and unbelievable person, no wonder why you have a problem. I respect all men and women in uniform but I certainly do not respect you! Get a life will you!


  1. Betchay said...
    OH my gosh!!! as in he commented to you like that? whats wrong with him? he maybe pissed of something or in RICH PTC but come on,why he blow it to you?

    He is unbelievable!!!

    Anyway,work is so far so good,still doing my best...Naku ate kung ako din kinummentan ng ganyan magagalit talaga ako.

    Naku kahit paman ano ang kalalabasan ng PTC wala kanamang kasalanan jan,sisihin nya kumpanya na yan at murahin nya kung gusto nya,hindi ikaw ang pag diskitahan nya!

    Walang pinag aralan ata!
    David Funk said...
    That was uncalled for by him, and it is understandable why you reacted that way. I can't believe guys like that have nothing better to do than to stir the pot with their venom. This is your blog, not his so he can make the choice to not read it anymore.

    Sorry this happened to you, and I back you up on this.
    Meryl (proud pinay) said...
    oh no, naku nakakainis talaga pag may ganyang tao bigla na lang may sasabihin sayong masama..nakakapanginit ng ulo talaga...siguro nga galit sya sa ptc or may problema siya outside blogosphere at pati ang anger niya eh ni share sayo..nakakaloka naman. naku pag ako rin nakareciv ng ganyan kumento maiinis din ako...
    Dhemz said...
    oh my...this is ridiculously insane guy...how dare he...kakainis mga tao na katulad nitong mokong nato...
    Dorothy L said...
    Jeesh...it does take all kinds to make this world go around :)

    Totally disfunctional!

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