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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

For some reason I was feeling gloomy today, felt like that the weather here in Seattle is on my side because all of the sudden the weather here went chilli from darn warm. As I was going through my pictures that I had took when I went back to philippines like almost 11 years ago! Wow , that long huh, I haven't back home for almost 11 years now. I cannot believe I made it that long not to visit my native country. I bet a lot of things had change over there.

I would like to share this picture of my family back at home (Philippines)
My parents is on the middle, next to dad was my brother Reynante, next to my brother was my sister Penny, she is older than me, 4 years older but she look younger than me as they say. And people also say that we are twin. We are look alike really, the only difference is she got dimple on her right side chick and I don't(LOL). Anywho...next to my Mom was me, next to me was my younger sister Jerrelyn, she used to have a very long hair...I guess she got tired of fixing it and cut it off.

I guess I was just feeling homesick. I miss them all, and hoping to go back and visit them soon.


  1. Betchay said...
    Oo nga te ang tagal mo di naka uwi ang dami na nga nag bago,nako baka ma ligaw kana nyan pag umuwi ka hahaha!
    Dhemz said...
    oh my...11 years? nako te you need to visit the PI once in awhile..4 years palang ako dito...last visit namin was 2007...tapos next year visit ulit kami...dko ata matiis yon...no wonder you are homesick...:) hope you are feeling better...:)

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