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Friday, June 19, 2009

Whew! What a week, yesterday I didn't have time to blog, for I was so busy helping for my husband niece weeding. I'd been putting goodies give away for the weeding. After that I had to go to my appointment for my hair yesterday to be high lighted and layered. I was so upset, because my hairdresser cut my hair too short, I told her to just shortened my layered, she did layered it alright. WAAAA my long length hair became medium length . I was so mad, but it's done! It's here, I guess I will just wait till it grows. I am still pissed! LOL

I was going to share a picture how short my hair is. But I was not able to take a picture. Later today we have the weeding rehearsal then dinner, whew! feel like I can't go on. Right now , I have a few minutes to spare that is why I am blogging. I apologized guys for I would not be able to hop today and tomorrow, I will try to catch up this week. Hope you' all have a great day.


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