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Monday, June 29, 2009

Sun Taking a vacation by car or flying can be very expensive in today's economy. Using the internet to find low airfares is getting trickier as more options present themselves. Increasingly, airlines are offering their best deals on their own web sites. First Class and Business Class air travel is expensive and can run to thousands of dollars for an international round trip. When buying cheap airline tickets, your goal may be to find the best fare possible.

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  1. Lisa said...
    I ran across this post while researching cheap fares for a vacation we hope to take! One of my friends also said to check out www.Ebates.com. They partner with a lot of travel and vacation providers, and provide cash back when you purchase through them! I'm pretty excited about that - more cash for mai tais on the beach!
    AMIT said...
    When i was searching for cheap online airline tickets i found your blog and it is really informative.According to me airlines tickets are really unpredictable. Sometimes the prices are so high and sometimes we get it for a cheap deal. Last month i booked a few tickets for a very high price even though when I booked 2 months in advance. Again, one of my friend booked his ticket in the same flight on the same date and he got it at a cheaper price. i was so surprised. You know, booking flight tickets is just like gambling. What do you say?

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