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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our weekend was so busy, for my hubebe's niece got married on Saturday. We went to bed like 4:am hoping that we were going to make it at church Sunday. Well! we didn't, I woke up Sunday with stiff neck, I couldn't move my head and I was in pain. I put some deep heat and I iced my neck down all day long Sunday and part Monday. My was sweet called our doctor if I can get in, but the doctor was so book up. The nurse at the doctors office called and told me to com in at 4:00pm.

Another Dr got to see me and examine what was going on. My neck was in flame, it was swelling and I had a sharp pain in my spine. She gave prescribe a pain pill and for the muscle spasm for me to take. It help quite a bit, I can turn my neck but not all the way though. I am still in pain and can still fell the pain in my spine. Next step is I will be going to see the Chiropractor to see about my spine.

That is why I missed some day of blogging and some of mt task expired. It suck but I need to rest my neck. Hopefully I will be able to blog hop all the way tomorrow.


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