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Monday, May 4, 2009

Cats have always been a symbol of magic, independence, mystery and femininity. A cat-like, sophisticated, cute girl is an ideal for many guys, but that's not the main point - in fact, behaving oneself like a cat can be fun. It can even become a way of life - try and see if you will enjoy it.

Act independent. Remember: cats always walk on their own. Your interests come first in any case. Don't be friends with someone just because he or she is popular. Don't let anyone use you. Cats never care about others' opinion. Act random. No one should be sure of what you are going do or say next. You are always a preppy girl? Well, try something more punk. Have a weird idea in your head? Try it (if it's not too weird). But do it with style. Go light on the makeup or don't wear any at all! A little smidge of eyeliner, some pink or peach gloss, and blush are all you need to be adorable! Fix your hair. Make sure your hair is always sleek and shiny. If you want, straighten it or out it in a ponytail. IF you cut it short in a choppy bob, that's cute too. Pick a cute frame if you wear glasses, Like oval or cat's eye frames. These are particularly cat-like and very cute. Be graceful. Take up gymnastics or dance, and learn to move with grace and agility.Take frequent naps. It's good for you, and cats do it so.

Don't go overboard.Be playful, like a kitty.don't eat raw fish, unless it's sushi. Don't push your cat lifestyle on others. This will NOT make you an actual cat.


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