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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Are you trying to keep from reliving another embarrassing moment in a social setting or simply trying to prevent one from ever happening? Regardless, you're in the right place.

Sit properly. Cross your legs at the heels or simply keep them closed, especially when wearing skirts and dresses, although it is also necessary with blue jeans. When sitting, place your legs together especially when wearing a dress.. Regardless of the length of the garment on the lower torso, always keep your legs virtually hairless Whether it be a revealing outfit, (which most people wouldn't consider good in a sense of total formality around friends, family, coworkers, etc, but possibly for a romantic eventing at a fine restaurant) or something extremely conservative, always keep well groomed and clean in all areas of both the upper and lower torso. Though down-dos are typically more common, up-dos are a simple, neat, and stylish way to not only keep your hair looking good amid combed out, but to keep it out of your face as you eat. Bangs are cute, and though some people may not consider them a fashion statement. Remember the simple tips below and you can make an impression on others and also prevent embarrassment at your next formal dinner.
Always show up on time. There is no such thing as *fashionably late. When getting out of a vehicle try your best to exit without showing your undergarments. If there is a male opening the door for you, remember to thank them for their kindness. Be happy and smile all of the time without looking fake. When walking in high heels the heel should hit the ground first, then the toe. It has been proven not to be necessary to pace yourself in formal footwear, but walking turtle slow will make you appear as if you're trying too hard to be impressive. It is better to keep your legs closed rather than crossing them in public, especially when sitting at the table. This can cause discomfort especially if the table is not high enough. Always keep the napkin or cloth on your lap when eating. When leaving, kindly excuse yourself from the table and place your napkin on the table. Do not use your cellphone at the table while you're eating. Turn your cellphone off during the meal and if you must leave it on, excuse yourself if it rings to go outside or to a private area. Never apply makeup at the table. Once again, excuse yourself to the powder room. Use the basic "please," "thank you," "sir," "ma'am" words when speaking to elders or unfamiliar people. Treat friends and peers with equal respect though "sir" and "ma'am" aren't necessary. It is impolite for more than one person to leave the table, regardless of the number of people. Follow the direction of the host/hostess. Never start eating until everyone is served.

Though your friends are your friends and you should always be yourself, treat everyone with the same respect and get out of those slang using habits. People will also lose respect for you if you use gross-out humor in any setting.


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