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Friday, April 17, 2009

This is how to prevent would-be burglars from entering your property.

Erect a strong, tall fence around the perimeter of your garden to keep opportunist burglars out. The Neighborhood Watch Trust recommend topping the fence with trellis. Its lightweight structure makes it very difficult for someone to climb over. See warnings. Close off any side passage ways on your property with a tall and sturdy gate. This should be lockable, preventing would be thieves from slipping around to the back of your house where they can work unseen. Plant deterrents, like prickly hedges. Plant them strategically around your garden to block any unwanted entrance points. Make sure the hedges don't obscure the view of the front door from the road, as this would give potential burglars the perfect cover to break in. Secure your shed. All sheds and other outbuilding should be solid enough to withstand being kicked in, and be secured with a substantial lock. Other than being stolen your expensive tools could be used to break into the house.

Contact the Crime Prevention officer from your local police station, they will be able to advise you on the security measures specific to your property. If there isn't already a Neighborhood Watch scheme in your area consider setting one up. Don't leave any valuables, such as bikes, unlocked.Never top a wall or fence with barbed wire or broken bottles. Not only is this harmful to cats and birds, but also makes it your responsibility if anyone injures themselves on it.


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