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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Do you want beautiful healthy looking skin? Skin care is healthy. Whatever is happening on your face is an indication of what's happening on the inside. Stress, diet, and lifestyle play large factors in the condition of your skin, but using the right products correctly will help create a healthier skin. Some people may use bar soap and hot water and that's it. But, keep in mind there are always better choices for your skin.

Skin care is all about maintaining hydration and getting whatever oils you naturally produce free flowing and not clogged. Oil is good for your skin! There is no use in 'drying it up.' When you dry up oil from your skin, you dry up the water too. Your skin will produce more oil and it won't be able to get out because of cellular build up of dehydrated sticky cells on the surface. Follow these instructions as best you can to create a healthy skin.
If you are having issues with your skin seek out a well established and knowledgeable Eustachian and dermatologist to find something right for you.

Wash your hands properly. If you don't, the bacteria and oil from your fingers can get in your pores and create infection and breakouts.
Remember people speaking endlessly about inner beauty? DARK LEAFY GREENS Richly colored leafy greens like Broccoli, Spinach, drumstick leaves are full of antioxidants that cleanse your skin from the inside.Cleanse your skin with an appropriate cleanser. Do not use soap ever. Soap has an alkaline pH and will strip your skin of its natural acidity leaving your skin vulnerable to bacteria and dehydrated. Most foaming cleansers will do this, especially Cetaphil because of its sodium Laurel sulfate content. Don't use anything that makes your skin feel tight after rinsing. Use warm water that is not too hot. Sudden temperature changes in the skin can permanently dilate capillaries. With your fingertips, rub cleanser on your skin in an upward circular motion. Rinse the cleanser with warm water and/or facial sponges.

Always use a toner after cleansing. Use an alcohol free, hydrating toner. Toner's purpose is not to 'clear blackheads' or do anything but hydrate the skin. You can either spray or wipe a toner. After cleansing, use a cotton pad to wipe toner over your skin to remove any makeup or cleanser residue. If you do not wear makeup or 'have no time for toner' use a spray toner or put toner in a spray bottle and mist your skin. DO NOT LET TONER DRY. Leave your skin damp from the toner as it will act like a magnet to bring water to the surface and bring ingredients from your moisturizer deeper into your skin. Always use an appropriate moisturizer for your skin. Only if you are very oily or acne-prone is it necessary for you to use oil free moisturizers. Do not be afraid of oil! It is lubrication for your skin and protection against wrinkles. Use an SPF of at least 15 or 30 in your daytime moisturizer. Do not use an SPF at night. Night moisturizers are a good time to use something very nourishing or targeted to a specific skin issue.

Exfoliate your skin 1 to 3 times a week. You can do this in several ways, but the most common is to use a scrub. Again, choose a gentle scrub (often creamy with rounded sloughing beads instead of jagged particles like nut shells etc) that does not leave your face feeling tight. On days when you exfoliate, you should do this after cleansing and follow with toning and moisturizing.
If your skin is still very dry, look into using a serum after toner and before moisturizer and consult an Eustachian or dermatologist for advice.
If your skin is very oily and breaking out, you may need to have further tests done, so consult a dermatologist or Eustachian for advice.
Finally, everyone can use eye cream at any age. Most eye creams make great lip balms as well. Keep it beside your bed so you don't forget to use it.
Make a mask by mixing un coated aspirin with water and a dollop of honey. The aspirin will eliminate pimples, and the honey is antibacterial. Leave on for 10 minutes minimum.

Eat lots of berries
Take a tablespoon of Flax seed oil everyday.Limit sugar and high-glycemix index carbohydrates like watermelon, rice and heavily processed grains
Try not to eat anything with more than 5 things on the ingredients list
Moisturize with Jojoba oil which is close to your skins natural sebum in consistency. It will also help to fade marks/scars.

Drink at LEAST 64 oz of water each day to maintain hydration in the body and purge toxins regularly.
Quit smoking.Don’t forget to moisturize.Blend your makeup to make it look more natural.Wear brightly colored clothing to distract from nasty pimples.Wash your face after sports or exercise. Wash before also if you wear makeup.Eat dark green vegetables.
Exercise regularly.Cut out or cut down on caffeine as it is a diuretic and can dehydrate you.For an extra facial hygiene step, use a good quality, facial masque. When using after you wash your face thoroughly, this works like an exfoliate to open your pores and remove of dead skin. The masques with exfoliating beads are the best.If you have severe acne, see a dermatologist or Eustachian.
Exfoliating is great to open pores and cleanse your body of dead skin, however, exfoliate too much. You may cause your skin to become raw, or otherwise very painful.


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