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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Many individuals wish to transform themselves for a new year. Luckily, you're not alone, and help is everywhere you look. The new coming year is a time to change yourself to have a lifestyle that suits you, Ready to get started?
Don't be afraid to change your look! Get a cool new haircut - try layers, highlights, or funky side-bangs! Be bold and cute! Also try straightening, crimping, and curling for a great new style.
Remember no matter what people say, looks DO matter in this world. You don't always have to look like a model, and it's true that looks won't change who you are inside, but you should try and look nice. Choose what look you want this year - do you want to be the funky rebel that everyone looks up to? Try big colorful belts, bright earrings, and many vintage tops that NOBODY else has! Or are you going for the Miss Popularity look? There isn't a problem with that! Don't completely deck out in designer - that can be intimidating! Buy a few designer tops and bottoms, but pair them with your favorite Old Navy jeans and your cute Claire's hoop earrings. This sounds obvious, but no matter what look you're going for, DO NOT REPEAT OUTFITS TOO OFTEN. People do notice. You can rewear pants more often, but always pair up new tops (try layering!) and accessories.
Remember as for accessories- go big, go bold! Think big wooden necklaces, or sparkly long chains. For earrings, try out those big red apples you saw in Icing but didn't want to buy - who knows, they might look great! Another great look is chain belts, especially with cute tunics. And a key accessory is actually your nails - no dirt! French manicures are the way to go, but cute outfit-coordinated colors look great too. Fake nails can look good too, but require a lot of maintenance.
Remember: shoes, shoes, shoes! Shoes piece together an outfit. You want at least 3 pairs. One cute pair of sneakers (Adidas, DC, Etnies, or simply really cute non-brand shoes would be good), one pair of stylish ballet flats (American Eagle brand from Payless is the way to go) and of course one pair of cute comfortable boots for winter (Uggs!).
Keep in mind that you need makeup. It doesn't matter whether you're 12 or 19, makeup is essential. You need at least one mascara (Almay is great stuff), one eyeliner (Almay again- get the silver and black one), at least 3 lip glosses any kind, eyeshadow (sparkles are cute), cheek tint, and of course concealer and powder. Use makeup daily!
Be. Outgoing. Simple as that. Say hey, wave, and smile. Don't look bored whenever someone talks to you. Seriously, if somebody you want to know never waves at you - you'd think they hated you right? Other people think the same way, so don't be afraid to go for it and make some cool new friends.
Don't dump all your friends when you start out with your transformation - if the plan backfires, who will you have left?
This might cost some major $$. Have at least $100 on your own, and check with the 'rents for some extra for clothes (you can't walk around nude, can you?)
BE BOLD AND BRAVE! Seriously, what's the worst that could happen if you say HI?


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