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Saturday, December 13, 2008

World hunger is one of the major problems happening today, especially in third-world countries. Most don't think twice about it, but it is a very sensitive subject, and anybody can help!
Go to the local library or any nearby book store. Find all of the inspiring books you can...
* Chicken Soup for the Preteen's Soul, has a lot of great things, that kids, along with adults, can do to do different fundraisers that might inspire you yourself!
Set a goal. Start out small. Pick one area to try and fundraise. Gather other people willing to join. Make your purpose legally proven to be well.
Post a website. Don't make it too flashy but put all the important stuff in it, like dates for fundraisers, where you are, what you're supporting, contact information, etc.
Put it together. Write letters to people asking for their support in your fundraiser. Also try to get some sponsers.
Gather materials for the fundraiser (or whatever your mind takes you to, fundraisers aren't the only way.)
Pick a theme. You can do anything from a barbeque, where anyone can come and buy meals, where all costs go to feed the poor. Leftovers can be handed out to the less fortunate at a local shelter!
* Try to find a major resturant sponsor to cater and/or provide space.
* Attempt to find a popular world-wide, restaurant so they can cater to you from all over the world.
Set a date. Spread the news. Who knows? You may make it on TV!
Donate some of the profits to a foundation similiar to your beliefs. Keep it up and you may help an area reduce the number of starving dramatically, and that's just the beginning!
Create an online fundraising page. Make a web page and send the link to your family, friends, co-workers, parishioners, teammates, etc. and have them pass it on. You could collect donations via credit cards online. It's easy and simple, and eliminates spending a lot of time sending letters, calling people, and organizing big events.
Remember, a little goes a long way, so do your best to spread the word and put in your best effort.

Stick to your goal, even if it does not pull through the first time. Persevere. Remember people out there who hear about your cause will be helping out.
Keep your goal within reach. Do not start out with ending world hunger, that's about 60,000,000 goals packed into one deliciously impossible goal.

Make sure your funds are approved and legal...you don't want to end up in jail for trying to help end world hunger!
Make sure others who are sponsoring you have to pull through, and make sure other funds you participate in or donate to are also legally sound, just to stay safe and not end up increasing the tobacco industry instead of decreasing world hunger.


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