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Monday, October 20, 2008

We have been so busy lately, we bought a new house. Exciting huh! It does to me new house, new location, new space. lately we been trying to get thing together for the house so that we can move in in few weeks. Middle of last week, we had the Security guys came in to how they will put some security alarm all over the house, and there was the camera guy, my hubby wanted to put a security camera in every room, and there was the 3 day blind , the interior decorator came in that day as well, and so as the people who will clean the whole house before we can move in. Whew! It was so hectic day . Saturday we went furniture hunting at Shoenfield, Dania Macy's furniture store. We made some more appointment for the interior designer to come to the house tomorrow.

BTW, I would like to share some picture of our new house. Don't get me wrong, I am not bragging, I am just so excited .

                                                      The above picture is the front and right side front of the house

The rear 

 The Spa and Jacuzzi

Downstair living room 

Upstair Deck

The Formal Dining room will be

The formal living room will be

Here is my favorite room of the House"The Kitchen"

The main stair

 Theater room

Stair through observation room ( Upstair)

 The Master's Bathroom


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