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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Even when you follow all the rules for cold and flu prevention, there's still a chance you or a family member could get sick. So how do you help relieve the symptoms and start feeling good again?

Feel Better Fast

Drink more fluids, especially water. Try to consume 6 to 8 glasses a day to prevent dehydration and help flush out illness-causing bacteria from your system. Also, drink some orange juice for vitamin C and herbal tea to calm hurting throats.
Take a hot bath or shower. The steam is both comforting and a great decongestant for stuffy noses.
Eat potent foods like garlic, ginger, and spicy dishes to clear up sinuses.
Honey is excellent for sore throats. Take it with tea, mix with hot water and lemon, or eat a few spoonfuls alone.
Take supplements as needed to make sure you are getting the recommended dietary allowances for vitamin A, the vitamin B complex, and vitamin C, as well as the minerals zinc and copper.
Grapefruit is a great food for fighting a cold. It's high in vitamin C and also helps detoxify the liver, which helps to promote a healthy immune system.

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