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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Oh, my gosh! My body is beat. I am so tired. Eversince we bought the house, we have been going and going and going. Today, the WA tree service had to come to the house give us the pricing to spray the tress , brushes and plants around the house as well as the spiders. Wow ! I couldn't imagine how expensive just to spray a bugs alone is $475.00, that's just for spiders. Weed, brushes is $275.00 and for my flower beds is $195.00. Everything is expensive this day.

After that, we went to the animal adoption,and we adopted a puppy. It's a Labador retriver mix pittbull . She is so cute. I will be sharing her picture tomorrow I hope.

And then around 4:PM, We had a meeting with my interior designer, she layout some stuff for the house. Showed me what furnitures that has to go with some area at the house. I love thier furniture, it's so elegant, it's the way I like it. Wondering what furniture was it? It's ShoenField Furniture Of Bellevue WA. After all the presentation, I was so exhausted, and sturbbing. So, we stop by at KIDD Valley. ordered a mushroom burger and garlic fries , man... I was so hungry. After I we eat my hubby drove home, and I took a little nap. That's was my day for today. Fun , HUH! NOT!

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  1. megha said...
    yeah it must be very busy day

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